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7 Tips To Choosing Your Search Optimized Domain Names

A good domain name for a website is essential in any business to make it work right. There are many aspects to consider when deciding for an appropriate domain name. Included in this article  are ways on how to choose the right domain name for your website.


One important factor when choosing your domain name is to consider your products and services. Choose names that can be easily recalled by your target market and should contain your most important keywords. Using older or established domain names that have long been registered and known by search engines tend to rate higher by Google looking from an SEO perspective.

  1. Load up Overture Inventory Keyword volume checker in your browser window.  Enter your product name or service and submit.  Have a spreadsheet ready so you can copy the results across to your spreadsheet.
  2. Load Word Tracker in your browser, either using the free trial account or login if you have a normal account.  Now using the wizard type in the same product or service you type in the previous steps, run through the wizard and then again, highlight and copy your results across into a new space in the spreadsheet.
  3. Load up Google Adwords in your browser.  Navigate to tools -> keyword tool and type in the same keyword you used in the previous steps.  Check or make sure to m ark the use synonyms.  Copy all words across into selected keywords and click estimate search traffic.  Copy all results into a new space on the spreadsheet.
  4. Now filter out or remove all items that are unrelated or irrelevant from the spreadsheet.
  5. Sort the three lists by search volume.  Working from the top to the last of the list,  highlight and copy to a 4th space in the spreadsheet the highest searched and most relevant phrases.  Repeat these steps until you have the top 10-15 phrases and keywords.
  6. Identify your target market.  Are you customers searching for your product in your local region or are they open to worldwide suppliers?  After you have identified this,  you may now use this as the domain extension (.com,,, etc) in the next step.
  7. Using this basic list identified in step 5, you might be lucky to find an industry with little or no competition. Remove any white space in the phrases and input them directly into your favorite bulk domain name registering tool.  Check them all to see what is available for registration. If the highest-searched term you have identified is still available and  strongly relates to your product or service, you can now register it.  If none of these terms is available then try using a dash (-) between words and also try adding words to the domain, like “the” or “buy” to get as close to the highest-searched term that you possibly can.  You can also try re-arranging the words in the sentence.

So, now you have your list of 10+ domain names for your website to choose from and you should feel quite confident that they are relevant to your product or service, contain highly search terms and are short in length.  If you are in debate over which one to choose then always go for relevant and high searched terms first.

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